Program description

If your goal is to climb one of the iconic routes of Rio de Janeiro, but you don't feel ready yet, these sessions are for you! Designed to get you the experience and skills you need for your objective, the route-specific Prep Packages are packages of 4 guided climbs with the last climb being the objective route. The climbs within each package are selected based on their relevance in preparing you for the ultimate goal. Our Prep Packages are the best way to get yourself prepared and confident, and furthermore, offer our best pricing on guided climbs!

How it works

  • We currently have Prep Packages for the following classic routes:

    • Via dos Italianos com Secundo (5.10a/5+, 260 meters), Sugarloaf

    • K2 (5.9/5, 150 meters), Corcovado

  • Each Prep Package includes 3 guided half-day multi-pitch preparation climbs and one guided climb of the objective route

  • You will climb all the routes in the package with the same instructor, ensuring continuity and smooth progression in your preparation, as well as trust and confidence on the day of your big climb!

Who it is for

This is a great option for:

  • recent course graduates who are looking to continue building their experience

  • rock climbers with experience outside of Rio de Janeiro, who would like to get familiar with the local terrain and style before getting on one of these classic routes

  • anyone with multi-pitch rock climbing experience and the goal of climbing either K2 or Italianos!


Participants should have completed Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing: Module 1 and Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing: Module 2, or have comparable prior experience. Prep packages are not intended for first-time climbers

If you are not confident in your basic climbing skills, consider first taking our Climbing Basics Refresher course. You can also complement your preparation with our Technique Coaching sessions

Prep Packages are best suited for adults and teenagers over 13 years of age, as the participant will need to belay an adult instructor and general similarity in weight is required. A child that is well below an adult weight would not be able to safely belay an adult partner. However, a child is welcome to participate if they sign up together with an adult who would belay during the climbs


Three half-day guided climbs and one guided climb of the objective route

You choose the day and time of each of your climbs - can be during the week, the weekend or on a holiday!


Prep Package climbs typically take place in the neighbourhood of Urca, home to some of the most beautiful climbing walls and mountains in Rio de Janeiro including Morro da Babilonia, Morro da Urca and the Sugarloaf Mountain. With over 300 established routes across all levels, Urca provides us with an incredibly rich variety of learning settings to choose from. Your instructor will select the route for each of your climbs, taking into consideration the climb objectives, your skill level and the day's climbing conditions 

Fees & inclusions

Prep Package Italianos - R$800

Prep Package K2 - R$800

If two or more people sign up together, a discount of 20% applies

Should you need to borrow any equipment (shoes, harness, helmet or other safety devices), we will provide it free of charge

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