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Booking and planning

Guided rock climbing

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Booking and planning

When is the best time of year to climb or hike in Rio de Janeiro?

In Rio, rock climbing and hiking are practiced year-round. The city has a tropical climate, with the temperatures ranging between 18 to 30 ºC (on average) year-round. The absolute best time for outdoor activities is during the winter months (June to August), when the temperatures, humidity and rain are all at their lowest. During the summer months (December to February), it is important to plan carefully so that you climb or hike your route when it's in the shade

How far in advance should I book?

To guarantee guide availability, we suggest booking at least one week in advance of the date you would like to climb or hike, and two weeks if that day is a Saturday or a Sunday. For reservations during the peak travel seasons in Rio de Janeiro (mid to end of December, beginning of January and the week of Carnaval), we recommend booking at least four weeks in advance

What happens in the case of rain?

We always monitor the weather patterns and if there is a threat of rain, your guide may decide that the conditions necessitate cancellation. In this case, you would have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. Note that the decision to cancel is with the guide. We are not able to accommodate rescheduling due to personal weather preferences (e.g., desire to climb on a more sunny day)

Can I pay in cash on the day of my climb or hike?

No, our guides are not able to accept payment in cash. All payments must be realized before the day of the activity. We use PayPal and PagSeguro as our payment intermediaries

Are photos included in the prices?

Yes! If you would like your guide to take photos of you, let them know at the beginning of your climb or hike. There is no extra charge! Keep in mind, however, that most of the rock climbing photos shown on our website were taken by a photographer climbing together with a guide and a guest. A photographer is able to take photos from a greater range of angles than a guide, who generally can only take photos from directly above the climbers. If you would like to have a photographer join your climb, reach out to us for more information

What should I bring with me on my climb or hike?

Besides your equipment (if you are climbing and plan to use your own), we recommend that you bring the following: your ID, a backpack, water (1.5L), a snack (lunch for full day activites), sunscreen, bug repellent and a light-weight windbreaker. Don't underestimate the importance of any one of these items, as they are all essential for a safe and comfortable experience

What should I wear to climb or hike in Rio?

Wear comfortable, athletic clothing that lets you move freely. You can wear either pants or shorts. Shorts are generally more comfortable due to the high temperatures here, while long pants have the advantage of protecting you from scratches, sunburn and mosquitos. For footwear, choose lightweight closed-toe outdoor shoes with good traction on rock

Guided rock climbing

What equipment do you provide?

We always provide all the collective-use equipment for the climb (e.g., rope, quickdraws, slings) and we can provide you with personal-use equipment as well if you don't have your own set (shoes, harness, helmet, belay device). All of our equipment is certified by UIAA / CE and maintained in excellent condition. We do encourage clients to bring and use their own equipment if they have it, as it eliminates any risk of discomfort from using an item (shoes, harness, helmet, etc.) that is different than the climber is used to

I don't need a guide, just equipment. Can I rent from you?

No, we do not offer equipment rental independent of our guide service

Can I lead some or all of the pitches of my route?

Yes, you can definitely lead if you wish to! Just let your guide know and they will go through a review with you to make sure you are using best practices in your anchor and belay procedures. We typically suggest letting the guide lead the first pitch, and then depending on how you feel on the rock, you can decide how you want to proceed thereafter

I climb indoors only. What level can I expect to climb outdoors?

Climbers that only have indoor experience often feel frustrated with their performance when they climb outdoors in Rio de Janeiro. Most of the routes in Rio demand confidence and precision in smearing and edging on tiny holds - skills that are not well developed by indoor rock climbing practice. Furthermore, climbing outdoors brings additional elements that a gym climber may not be used to, such as height and fatigue after climbing several pitches. As such, we recommend starting with a route that is a couple of grades lower than what you climb in the gym

Is there a minimum age to participate in a guided climb?

A child aged 7 and above can participate in a multi-pitch or top-rope climb if there is an adult that will participate together with the child. A teenager (aged 13 and up) can climb alone with a guide only if they weigh more than 45kg (100 pounds). This is because the safety systems depend on the climbers being relatively similar in weight

Guided hiking

Can I participate in a hike that has a rock climbing section if I've never climbed before?

Yes! Although our hikes have technical climbing sections, none of them require prior rock climbing experience. In fact, they are all a fantastic introduction to rock climbing for those that have never climbed before. Your guide will carefully explain everything you need to know to climb with confidence and will stay close to you to offer tips and help should you need them

What happens if I let go of the rock? Will I fall and hurt myself?

No. As you climb, you are tied to a rope and your guide pulls the rope, keeping it taut with the help of climbing equipment. If you let go of the rock, you will descend a little bit as the rope is elastic and will stretch with your weight, however, this is minimal

Do I need to be very fit?

You don't need to be exceptionally fit, as our guides will lead you at a pace that is suitable for you. You will be able to stop and take a break whenever you like. Keep in mind, however, that most of our hikes are quite demanding. If you are very much out of shape, you may find that you need to stop every few meters, which might not be a lot of fun. Read carefully the description of the hike you are interested in and compare the demands of the hike to what you regulary practice as a part of your lifestyle

Can my child participate as well?

In general, children over 7 years of age can participate in our hikes. Read carefully the description of the hike you are interested in and compare the demands of the hike to what your child has already done or regulary practices as a part of their lifestyle. If you need help in assessing your child's preparedness, reach out to us


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