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Highest quality outdoor rock climbing courses and professional guides in Rio de Janeiro

We are based in Urca, Rio de Janeiro, the city's most extensive climbing destination. Our localization in Urca gives us unmatched flexibility and knowledge of climbing conditions to serve our clients better  

Safety is our number #1 priority and that is why Rio Mountain Sports strictly hires AGUIPERJ certified guides

Ivanir Chamberlain rock climbing guide and instructor

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For us, climbing is much more than just amazing work or fun – it is how we grow – physically, mentally, and emotionally – connect with others, and build friendships and communities. It is a sport that is incredibly rich in what it offers and we love sharing this with others! We strive to remove barriers and break down myths that keep potential new enthusiasts from discovering the sport. With those that are already climbing, we are passionate about sharing the incredible climbs of Rio de Janeiro

Safety is the number one priority for us. We follow best practices and are always updating skills and approaches. We are also very diligent in selecting and caring for the equipment we use. All of our equipment is from internationally certified manufacturers and we are disciplined in caring for the equipment and retiring it when it’s time



We are professional, fun and flexible, and treat our clients like we treat our best friends. Our aim is to show you a fantastic time, and if you are after any specific objectives (climb a certain route or certain degree of difficulty), to help you reach that objective

As much as we love sharing and teaching, we also love learning from our clients! We want to hear about where you come from and the experiences, climbing and otherwise, that you have collected!