Rock climbing on MORRO DA BABILONIA


Babilonia overview

Located close to the Sugarloaf Mountain and Morro da Urca, Morro da Babilonia is a popular training destination for local climbers. It offers more than 30 multi-pitch routes of beginner to intermediate level, some extending over 150 meters. In addition, Babilonia features a super short approach - you can get from a car to the base of your route in a matter of a few minutes. Babilonia is a fantastic option for those that are new to rock climbing in Rio de Janeiro, as it is a quick way to get familiar with the rock characteristics and climbing style predominant in Rio


Urca, Rio de Janeiro


3-4 hours total


No experience required


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Rock climbing on Morro da Babilonia in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil

Planning your climb

There are more than 30 different routes on Babilonia, from beginner to intermediate levels, some of which are appropriate for first-time climbers. If it’s your first time climbing, your guide will teach you everything you will need to know for your climb

Most of the routes are technical face climbs of 3 to 5 pitches, with grading that is generally higher in the final pitches of a route. There are also several routes that differ from this standard - a great example is Diedro Pegaso, a dihedral that is frequented by those training for K2, the classic route on Corcovado

You don’t need to worry about selecting a route at the time of booking. Your guide will help you decide on the day of your climb based on your interests and your experience

All of the routes are accessed via a short trail that starts behind the cable car entrance building

Key characteristics:
Grading up to VIsup BR | 6b FR | 5.10d US
100-150 meters (3 to 5 pitches)
5-10 minute approach
Descent by rappel

None - first-time climbers welcome

Questions? Talk with a guide

What is included

Certified rock climbing guide

Collective rock climbing equipment (rope, quickdraws, slings, etc.)

What you should bring

A piece of personal ID (required to enter the climbing area)

Your individual rock climbing equipment (shoes, harness, helmet, belay/rappel device and accessories). You can rent from us if you don’t have your own

Water (1.5L per person) and snacks

Sunscreen and bug repellent

Backpack to carry your belongings and keep your hands and arms free. Hand bags and shoulder bags are not permitted

Wear outdoor shoes with good traction on rock. Flip-flops and casual sandals should be avoided

Where we meet

Angel Statue in the center of the Praça General Tibúrcio in the neighbourhood of Urca


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