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Similar to Babilônia, Cantagalo is another favourite destination for the local climbers. With a quick approach and slightly shorter climbs (most are around 120 meters), Cantagalo is a great option for those with only a few hours to climb. The routes on Cantagalo are generally more vertical and challenging than those on Babilônia, and there are some unique chimney and trad climbs here as well. The views are very special, with the Lagoa, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and the mountains Dois Irmãos and Sugarloaf all in sight

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Recommended routes

For beginner climbers, the most frequented routes on Cantagalo are Paixão de Cris (5.5/3, 100 meters) and Brilho da Noite (5.7/4, 110 meters). Both have consistent grading, gentle inclination and pronounced holds. A great route for those that are interested in trying a chimney climb is Chaminé do Prego (5.5/3, 35 meters), a route frequently used for teaching the technique

For intermediate level climbers, one of the favourite routes is 22 de Outubro (5.9/5, 120 meters). This one is a great preparation route for those looking to climb the famous Via dos Italianos on Sugarloaf, as its rock characteristics and inclination are quite similar. For an even greater challenge, there are Cális (5.10b/6a, 70 meters) and the recently opened Onde os Frangos Não Tem Vez (5.11a/6b+, 90 meters). Both are vertical to slightly overhanging climbs with amazing views in the classic Rio de Janeiro style

Planning your climb

Similar to Babilônia, Cantagalo is a north-facing wall and tends to be in the sun the full day. As such, it is best to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Access is not restricted in any way, so you can start as early as you would like. Getting to the routes is a 5 to 10 minute trail walk from the neighbourhood streets. For all routes on Cantagalo, the best way to descend is by rappel

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