Rock climbing on Morro do Cantagalo


Cantagalo Overview

2 people: R$220/person
1 person: R$280

Location: Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
Duration: 3-4 hours
Climbing ability: First-time to intermediate
Fitness demand: Low

Similar to Babilonia, Cantagalo is another favourite destination for the local climbers. With a quick approach and slightly shorter climbs, Cantagalo is a great option for those with only a few hours to climb. The routes on Cantagalo are generally more vertical and challenging than those on Babilonia, and there are some unique chimney and trad climbs here as well. The views are very special, with the Lagoa, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, and the mountains Dois Irmaos and Sugarloaf all in sight

Rock climbing on Cantagalo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Planning your climb on Cantagalo

There are more than 20 different routes on Cantagalo, from beginner to intermediate levels, some of which are appropriate for first-time climbers. If it’s your first time climbing, your guide will teach you everything you will need to know for your climb

The styles of routes are varied and there is something for everyone. For first-time and beginner climbers, there are several 100 meter / 3 pitch routes that are challenging but do-able. A great route for those that are interested in trying a chimney climb is Chamine do Prego, a route frequently used for teaching the technique

For intermediate level climbers, there are several highly technical, vertical to slightly overhanging routes. Some of them are a great preparation for those planning to climb the classic Via dos Italianos on Sugarloaf

You don’t need to worry about selecting a route at the time of booking. Your guide will help you decide on the day of your climb based on your interests and your experience

All of the routes are accessed via a short trail

Key characteristics:
Grading up to VIIa BR | 6b+ FR | 5.11a US
70-120 meters (2 to 3 pitches)
10 minute approach
Descent by rappel

None - first-time climbers welcome

One person: R$280
Two people: R$220 per person
Maximum participant to guide ratio is 2:1
All reservations are private - your guide will be exclusive to you

Availability and booking

Rock climbing on Cantagalo can be booked any day of the week, subject to our guide availability. Please use our booking system to check our availability

Start times shown in the booking system are carefully chosen to optimize the climbing experience (e.g., climb when the route is in the shade or the temperatures are at their lowest). If you would like to start your climb at a time that is different from what is offered in the booking system, please contact us to discuss the possibility

What is included

Certified rock climbing guide

Collective rock climbing equipment: rope, quickdraws and anchor building equipment

What you should bring

Your individual rock climbing equipment: rock shoes, harness, helmet, belay/rappel device and accessories. You can borrow from us if you don’t have your own set or are missing an item. Please indicate any equipment needs in the booking form

Water (1.5L per person) and snacks

Sunscreen and bug repellent

Backpack to carry your belongings and keep your hands and arms free. Hand bags and shoulder bags are not permitted

Wear outdoor shoes with good traction on rock. Flip-flops and casual sandals should be avoided

Where we meet

Close to the Cantagalo metro station, on the street Professor Gastão Baiana



Keep these in mind

Participant responsibilities

You are an equal partner in the safety and success of your climbing experience. Ensure that you read and understand your responsibilities as a participant

Assumption of risk

It is impossible to eliminate all risks associated with climbing. Our goal is to minimize your risk, but ultimately you must assume full responsibility for your participation. Ensure that you read and understand our assumption of risk terms

Cancellation and rescheduling policy

Read our cancellation and rescheduling policy to understand what happens if you need to change your plans or if the conditions on the reserved day are not suitable for your chosen activity


Secure online booking

Booking is easy. Our availability is reflected live in the system. Making your booking will secure your date and you can contact us at any time to ask questions, discuss options and finalize details!

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