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The Pedra da Gavea trail is one of the most beautiful and challenging hikes in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Located within the Tijuca National Park and passing through the Atlantic Forest, the trail is a steep ascent to the summit of the world’s tallest coastal monolith. From the top, the views stretch across the entire city of Rio de Janeiro - it’s possible to see Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, Sao Conrado, and even the mountains of the Serra dos Orgaos

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Planning your hike

We start the hike at 8am when the entrance to the trail opens. The trail passes through the Atlantic Forest, a beautiful and shaded natural environment rich in diverse fauna and flora. It is a steep hike, with many natural obstacles and challenges along the way

After completing about two-thirds of the hike, we arrive at a 30-meter “scramble” - a steep, rocky section called Carrasqueira where we use a rope and other rock climbing equipment to get to the top safely. The trail exits the heavily forested area at this point and the views open up! After another 20 minutes of hiking, we arrive at Gavea’s incredible summit - an impressive plateau offering 360-degree views of Rio de Janeiro and its spectacular landscape

After enjoying some time at the summit and taking a lot of pictures, we begin our hike back along the same trail used to summit. We descend Carrasqueira using a rope and a technique similar to rappel, allowing us to pass the section with safety and confidence

Although the trail is strenuous, prior hiking or rock climbing experience is not required. Our guides always lead at a pace that is suitable for all participants. Furthermore, they always stay close and give lots of hiking and climbing tips along the way!

The time to reach the summit is typically about three hours, with the full experience typically lasting six hours in total

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