Course description

Learning and practicing self-rescue techniques prepares you to handle a variety of tough situations that any long-time climber inevitably encounters (example: falling off a diagonal route, injury from rock fall). Completing this course, you'll be prepared and competent to save yourself, your climbing partner or another climbing party in trouble. You will also have the confidence to undertake more adventurous and committed climbs

What you will learn

  • Situation prevention: objective and subjective hazards

  • Escaping belay from bottom and top belaying situations

  • Lowering and pulling up a victim

  • Counterbalance and tandem rapel rescue

  • Rope ascension techniques

  • Emergency rappel techniques

The course is 100% practical - you will learn all concepts on the rock and immediately have the opportunity to practice them

Who it is for

This course is ideal for experienced outdoor climbers who are interested in further developing their skills, confidence and independence. It is highly recommended for those planning more remote or rugged adventure climbs. It is also excellent for those that have previously learned the concepts taught, but have not practiced them for an extended period of time


Students should have completed Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing: Module 1 and Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing: Module 2, or have comparable prior experience. It is not necessary to lead climb to take the course. This course is not intended for first-time climbers

As this course is of a focused nature, there is little time dedicated to reviewing basic concepts (e.g., tying of common knots). If you are not confident in your skills, consider first taking our Climbing Basics Refresher course

The course is best suited for adults and teenagers over 15 years of age


One full-day private or semi-private lesson (up to 4 students per instructor)

You choose the day of your lesson - can be during the week, the weekend or on a holiday!


Improvised Self Rescue course takes place in the neighbourhood of Urca, home to some of the most beautiful climbing walls and mountains in Rio de Janeiro including Morro da Babilonia, Morro da Urca and the Sugarloaf Mountain. With over 300 established routes across all levels, Urca provides us with an incredibly rich variety of learning settings to choose from. Your instructor will select the route for your lesson, taking into consideration the lesson content, your skill level and the day's climbing conditions 

Fees & inclusions

Improvised Self-Rescue - R$300

If two or more people sign up together, a discount of 20% applies

Should you need to borrow any equipment (shoes, harness, helmet or other safety devices), we will provide it free of charge

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