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The Costao trail is the original route to the summit of the Sugarloaf mountain! It is one of the most incredible hikes in the city and few visitors know about it - most assume that the only way to the top is by cable car. Although the trail has a vertical pitch of rock climbing, you don’t need to have prior climbing experience to conquer this challenge. With the help of safety gear and our guides, the Costao trail is accessible to all

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Planning your hike

We climb the trail starting mid-afternoon, when it’s in the shade. The ascent consists of steep trail hiking, easy rock "scrambles" and a vertical pitch of rock climbing. Throughout the hike, we enjoy magnificent views stretching over the Guanabara bay and the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. We also get off the trail occasionally to enjoy breaks at the best lookout points! These views are only for those that climb!

Although the trail is strenuous, prior hiking or rock climbing experience is not required. Our guides always lead at a pace that is suitable for all participants. Once at the vertical portion of the trail, we use full safety equipment, including a rope and harnesses, to climb up the section with safety and confidence. Furthermore, our guides always stay close and give lots of climbing tips!

It takes about two to three hours to reach the summit. After enjoying some time at the top of Sugarloaf, we take the charming cable car to the smaller peak Morro da Urca and from there, an easy forest trail to return to our starting point. Overall, you can expect the experience to take three to four hours in total

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